JS Global Lifestyle Wins “Listed Company with the Best Investment Potential” Award

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited (“JS Global” or “the Company”) announced that the Company has won the “Listed Company with the Best Investment Potential” award at the 10th Hong Kong International Finance Week and China Securities “Golden Bauhinia Award” Ceremony.

The award recognition reflects improved market confidence in the company’s investment potential and was reviewed by the Listed Companies Association of Beijing, Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, and Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong among other trusted professional authorities.

After 30 years of development, China’s capital market has fostered a growing number of global companies that have created innovative services and products for the rest of the world. The recognition of JS Global Lifestyle as one of the Listed Companies with the Best Investment Potential at this Forum is also a testimony to the continued vitality of Chinese companies.

Rooted in Chinese and U.S. markets, JS Global Lifestyle is a global leader in innovative, high-quality small household appliances which incorporates three major brands: Shark, Ninja and Joyoung. JS Global Lifestyle achieved another milestone in 2019 with annual revenue reaching over $US 3 billion, up 12.5 percent year on year. In face of the challenge of the global economy and the COVID-19 pandemic, JS Global Lifestyle has readjusted its sales strategies at home and abroad to seize business opportunities during this unprecedented global crisis.

“It is our honor to share JS Global’s experience with the experts and executives at the Hong Kong International Financial Forum,” said Han Run, CFO of JS Global Lifestyle.

“JS Global Lifestyle is actively committed to national development initiatives and the rapid development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area especially the relaxing of finance rules to ride the wave of economic transformation spearheaded by technology and innovation to enhance its status as a global leader in high-quality, innovative small household appliances,” she added.

Delivering services and products to meet new consumption demands driven by the new economy and the exciting development of video live-streaming, JS Global has expanded its userbase by exploring these new digital services to create new sales channels. In addition, the company also created a new retail operation model to match the company’s development. The company’s performance is bucking the trend as a result.

Despite the difficulties Joyoung experienced over the last few months, such as the closure of brick and mortar stores, the brand has achieved positive growth in domestic sales in the first quarter of 2020 through the new retail modal and live streaming marketing to reach more potential customers. Shark and Ninja have also quickly adjusted their sales strategies and strengthened their e-commerce platforms. They have launched a series of new products, such as VacMop, Foodi indoor oven, double-basket air fryer and high-end intelligent navigation sweeping robot, which consumers have taken a shine too.

Now, JS Global Lifestyle ranks sixth globally in the small household appliance industry, and third among small household appliance-focused companies. Following its rapid expansion in Europe in recent years, JS Global Lifestyle now ranks second in the UK’s upright vacuums market and is gradually developing its German and French markets. At the same time, JS Global Lifestyle benefits from its management team’s excellent leadership and as a result, has seen optimized operating costs, improved operating efficiency and increased speed to research, develop and release products. It also allows for compatibility in the design of Chinese and American products to help consumers in these markets better understand and experience high-quality product design.

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