Recapping a great night of boxing; Tyson-Jones did not disappoint. Easily worth the money and I’d watch again.

Re Tyson-Jones

I loved every second of it. The whole card was great. The prelims were outstanding bouts. I had no idea Jake Paul and Nate Robinson were fighting. Like most I wanted Robinson to win that one but they both threw very crisp shots, clean, very good technique given this is not their sport. My only critique of the night would be the officiating. How many seconds was it before he allowed that fight to continue after the first knock down? I didn’t like how that was handled. I need to see it again. Did he still give him the eight count even after he got up, he never grabbed his gloves, did the chest rub, he just wasn’t demonstrative enough for me as an official to determine if a boxer can continue. Bit of a hindsight look at it given what happened seconds later I know but prior to that I thought it was a good fight.

Similar issue with Tyson-Jones, get in there and break up those clinches, geesuz that was frustrating. Mike looked sharp. I think when he watches it he’ll see he rarely set himself properly when he loaded the right hook. I think had the bout being officiated properly Mike comes in quick after a break with his uppercut. He ended a lot of fights back in the day with that punch. He could set that up with a left hand step over and boom!

As for Roy, he landed a couple of good shots in the middle rounds. I’m assuming this was enough for Pazienza to judge it the way he did. His jab looked good. Obviously he was not in as good a shape as Mike and he definitely did not want any prolonged exchanges in close. There’s no question Tyson won the fight. Draws happen. Leonard-Hearns 1989, Lewis-Holyfield 1, Hagler’s first title shot in 1979. Those are just some of the notable ones. They happen. I’m just glad they made the late decision to judge it and if you don’t think Tyson was going for a knockout you’re a moron. I really enjoyed it, made for a great night and as Bubba and I were saying in text messages today I think this clears the way for Tyson-Holyfield 3 and I hope Roy fights again as well. Two thumbs up, pints all around and as famous boxing referee Mills Lane would regularly say, ‘ let’s get it on!’

PS- Thanks to Rocket for the hospitality and for having his heavy bag up downstairs cause did we tee off on it after the fight. lol..

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