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New sports is not a new definition proposed by any scholar or organization, but a category born from the conventions of the sports industry and the media. There is no official unified statement. According to the development trend in recent years, this association attempts to summarize the elements that define emerging sports:

1. Non-mainstream

Mainstream traditional sports have generally been included in the physical education curriculum of schools, and the penetration rate is quite high. The opposite is true for emerging sports, but it is precisely because the penetration rate is not high that there is a need for promotion.

2. New invention

Some of Hong Kong’s emerging sports projects may have been invented for less than ten years, but this is not an absolute factor. Many projects have been developed in foreign countries for decades or even a hundred years, and they came to Hong Kong from scratch.

3. International

From the Asian Games project to the only projects carried out in Taiwan and Hong Kong in the world, there are also opportunities to be called emerging sports.

4. Sports Type

Extreme sports, team sports, individual sports, and even physical fitness activities have the opportunity to be called emerging sports. But generally speaking, it is more common to call the competitive category an emerging sport.

5. Low threshold

Traditional sports have mature development and high technical requirements. At the same time, the training of players tends to be elite, which is very different from the strength of beginners, forming resistance for beginners to participate. Emerging sports are mostly new projects, and the threshold for beginners is low, which is one of the incentives to promote beginners. But in fact, every emerging sport has also advanced over time and gradually matured. Senior players and coaches have begun to appear, and it is an indisputable fact that they gradually integrate with traditional sports.


Looking at the above analysis in different dimensions, the definition of emerging sports is indeed rather vague, and sometimes it is confused with traditional sports. In reality, the projects that are most easily defined as emerging sports, most of which are defined by whether they are mainstream projects, and the definition of mainstream can also be defined from the public perception, media perception, social popularity, government recognition, market value, etc. Factors.

New sports Development in Hong Kong

Due to the rise of many new sports events in recent years, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has opened up the following six stadiums for pilot projects to ensure the healthy development of diversified sports activities from October 9, 2019. Hong Kong citizens can now use The “Recreation Link” system can be used to make reservations. Personal reservations and first-come-first-served basis can be used to book the home facilities during non-peak hours for ten days for the following seven emerging activities: including dodge ball, dodgebee, kick ball, and croquet , Qiaogu, Pickle and Goalball.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department Open the main stadium of designated gymnasiums for personal bookings for new activities, such as :

Stanley Stadium

Cheung Sha Wan Stadium

Lei Yue Mun Stadium

Changfa Stadium

Long Ping Stadium

Who are PNL Newsports ?

Our work
PNL newsports provides coaching courses, sports experience, community promotion, competition coordination and other emerging sports related services. We serve more than 300 primary and secondary schools, commercial organizations, social welfare organizations, etc.

There are many types of emerging sports promoted by the us, including:
​Dodgebee, dodge ball, VX ball, snow battle, Finnish Molkky (wooden chess), floor curling, soft ball, hand cotton ball, balloon volleyball, kinball, round net, whirlwind ball, Kabaddi, Pickle Ball, flip ball, floor ball, Quidditch, Qiaogu ball, fancy rope skipping, ring ball, shuttlecock, wiser ball


Our VISION on newsports

Establish a culture of constant movement

Promote community harmony and public health

Add richer elements to education​

Our MISSION in Newsports

Continue to introduce foreign emerging sports

Unite local emerging sports organizations

​Promotion in schools and communities group

Our VALUE in NewSports

Emerging sports can stimulate people’s creativity

Physical and interpersonal health is the most important

​Non-elite players should also have room to play

We are seeking for Emerging sports partners

In order to further develop emerging sports, the Association is actively uniting different emerging sports associations in Hong Kong, gathering the strength of everyone, and enhancing the influence of emerging sports in Hong Kong. These include teams or associations that are participating in the development of emerging sports and have a robust management structure.


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