Women’s team, US Soccer settle part of their lawsuit | Sports

The USSF agreed to provide equal resources to both the men’s and women’s teams for chartered flights. The federation also will maintain comparable budgets for accommodations and ensure the women stay in top-quality hotels. Will Wilson, who started as USSF CEO in March, said working conditions of the women will be equal to those of the next labor contract with the men.

USSF will ensure that playing surfaces and venues for women’s matches under its control will be similar to those of the men, an issue that arose when the women refused to play a 2015 exhibition against Trinidad and Tobago on artificial turf in Honolulu. FIFA scheduled the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada on artificial turf but the men’s World Cup has been played exclusively on grass.

The federation will provide equal support staffs to both the men’s and women’s teams.

“Coming to agreement on the working conditions was just the first step,” Parlow Cone said. “The goal for both sides in this was to really define a more structured way to provide both teams, the men and the women, with equitable support, also allowing for flexibility at the same time.”

The federation has argued that it cannot pay the women World Cup bonuses matching those of the men because of vastly dissimilar bonus payments for men’s and women’s tournaments paid to federations by FIFA, soccer’s world governing body.

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